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Edit Wiki Entries in OpenOffice

Update 19 Agustus 2008 at 08.13. Dalam topik Tips Dan Trik
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A few days ago Sun Microsystems created an extension for OpenOffice which enables you to edit any MediaWiki page, which will be a blessing for those of us who are trying to maintain a Wiki.

I myself prefer to edit pages online, through the normal interface, but when I am using a Wiki for personal entries to jot down my thoughts for example, it’s better if I don’t have to think about formatting and other special syntax for MediWiki. This also enables newcomers to the Wiki world edit sites easily.

Sun Wiki Publisher supports many of MediaWiki’s features like headings, lists and so on, but I did have a problem with image handling. As long as you actually have the image online already its fine, but if you want to put in a new one it won’t happen. The official documentation contains this, but it also says “currently not supported”, so they probably will add this later on.

For me this extension will only become an option when it supports image uploading, since I find MediaWiki’s picture handling a bit weird and hard to get used to as is. Since this first official release is still just 0.9.3, they are probably adding new features by the boatload to get to 1.0, I expect that this extension will become much more usable in the near future.

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